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Glass Over Glazing

Either 6mm float or 6mm laminated glass must be used. Also a lead came must be fitted around the edge of the glass to allow for any movement and help to seal the stone. It is fitted on the outside of the church.


  1. Exterior gives a clear view of the stained glass
  2. Covers the window and acts like a type of double glazing.
  3. Protects from some types of vandal attacks.
  4. Cheap to fix.
  5. If the stained glass is leaking the over glazing will help to stop it.


  1. The fixing requires a mortar pointing or an oil base pointing.
  2. It cannot be removed for cleaning or working on the stained glass from outside.
  3. If the seal breaks down water can get between the overglazing and the stained glass window and a green mold can grow.
  4. Stones can break the glass and depending on how close the overglazing was fitted to the stained glass, the impact can go on to damage the stained glass window.